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Sorry Brocodo, I'm such an idiot lol. I changed my IG name to Schottim, I applied to the closed beta as HomingArrow, could you please add me? Thanks :)
What do you mean, the music on login?
i <3 that music
Can u add the Music Of The old mortal clans ( dutchkindom) back ?
o yes ! finaly it works i used my skill xd
and i still get kicket for fly... but i'm just stuck in a lilly paf
help me plss i'm stuck in a lilly pad in palignea ? can u remove that 1 brocodo ?
And something like an item to teleport to the spawn will be also verry nice. ;) - The world is really big and its kinda anoying to walk all the times back.
I have an Idea, can you guys put something in the game that you don't have to take a lott of time to make one simple sword? Its really anoying to mine hours to get finnally some stuff to pvp. ;)
Wohoo, I am in the gif on the front page! :d Very subtly, but still there ;)
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Update v0.2
Today we released the first official Update for MortalClans, version 0.2. Take a look at the list below for all changes, including bug-fixes, tweaks and a brand new feature: Clan Bases!

TWEAK: Reduced health of Tzarax Beast from 200 to 100
TWEAK: Using Golden Magical Tools now require Mining or Woodcutting level 30
TWEAK: Using Diamond Tools now require Mining or Woodcutting level 20
TWEAK: Classes level 25% faster
TWEAK: STATS level 25% faster
TWEAK: Increased time between mob spawns in all areas
TWEAK: Scrap creation cost reduced from 3 ingots to 2 ingots
TWEAK: PvP Desert Entrance price reduced from 100 gems to 10 gems
FIX: Fixed bug where level was not displaying the correct experience left for next levelup.
FIX: Fixed Archer, Warrior and Warlock guides not giving the 10.000 class experience.
FIX: Fixed dispay of title message when leveling up a class.
FIX: Fixed some chests/doors that could not be opened.
FIX: Fixed free potions bug.
ADDED: Added Clan Bases
ADDED: Added Clan Base Upgrade: Workspace
ADDED: Added Clan Base Upgrade: Chestroom
ADDED: Added Base Blueprint that is available from the PvP Desert Entrance Trader


Closed Beta Launch
Wow! We are really blown away by the amount of people that joined at the very start of a long journey, a journey to make the best MMORPG server out there. I want to thank everyone that came to check out our server. Even though I make it sound like an end, it's actually a really beautiful start. But MortalClans is far from finished. There are bugs to fix, things to balance and most importantly; new content to create!

Tutorial At Launch

The first steps
So before we can make our first steps forward and add new things, we need to fix all the existing bugs. And you can help with that! If you find a bug, please post it here if it's not on the bugslist. After those bugs are fixed we can go to the fun part, creating new content. YOU, the player, the closed beta tester, are able to decide what we create and implement in future updates. We want all you guys your opinions on what you would like to see come to reality in MortalClans. For example, we already have idea's for; a Party System (with shared exp), new classes (Assassin), more PvP elements (Potion Brewing), more enchantments, more quests, etc! You will soon be able to cast your vote on one of those to-be-made features and the ones with the most votes will be implemented in the next update. Have a good suggestion? Post it here.

Coming Soon Trailer