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How's progress? Haven't had update for over a month.
i played at DK when there were quests using villagers, a.k.a. the beginning of the server ;)
Btw, Broc... Can you put a Praise the Sun easter egg on the server? :p (#DarksSoulsFan :p)
@Pindabro:P I m fine to mate! ^^ - @LarsDaBoss You not old skool!? Damn son, you are one of the old skool DK players! Damn, long time no see... :d
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So it's been a while since I posted one of these updates as you can see, but don't worry we're still here. We've made some progress, but not as much as we wanted. The main reason things are going a bit slow at the moment is because I'm in my graduation year and I have to focus on school. However, the good news is that my summer holiday starts in a few weeks and that means my focus will be completely on finishing MortalClans. I'll have all the time in the world so progress will be way faster than it has ever been.

But let's talk about Port Montis. There is basically no ideas for lore or quests in this area yet, but as you can see in the images below it does look pretty amazing.

HINT: Got an idea for quests or lore? Make a post on the forums in "Suggestions"."


Palignea is a small town build on the lake of Draylum. The citizens of this town are mostly fishermen, but they are threatened by a new type of "fish". And that weird old man living in the forest, he is doing some real strange things as well. Will you unravel the secrets of this forsaken town?


Hello there and thanks for checking out the website! I know some of you have been waiting for the server since it was announced, and we appreciate every support from you guys. As you see I changed the website a bit to create a better view for everyone on the progress we are making on MortalClans. And I'm sorry to say that we "still" don't have an estimated release date. However, I can give you some screenshots of Draylum Forest.